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I make art. Maybe someday there will also be other stuff here???

Who I Am And Where To Find Me

What does AF stand for anyway?

Sometimes, it is the year 2002, you are a 13 year old girl, and you want a new username that will keep people from misgendering you. So you enter the name Anime_Fangirl, and now, 20+ years later, you are still living with your mistakes.

Do you use any social media?

Technically, yes! But I don't tend to post original content to any of it, so I won't bother linking it. If you want to see the kind of shit I like to reblog, then, hey, look up HotAndColdAF on the socmed of your choice and it'll probably be me you find.

What about non-social media sites?

Now we're talking. Check me out on:

-Art Fight - A yearly event where people gift art of their OC's to each other during July

-Toyhouse - An archive of my OC's

-NeonMob - A virtual art card trading game

-Eorzea Collection - An archive of my FFXIV glamours

-Ko-fi - If you'd like to give me a little tip

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2.25.2024 - Updated general art page, added commissions page.

12.11.2023 - Updated general art page.

12.3.2023 - Updated general art page.

11.23.2023 - Updated general art page.

11.14.2023 - Updated general art page.

10.25.2023 - Expanded site to include a more general art dumping page. Added a guestbook.

9.15.2023 - Expanded site to include Art Fight archives and a proper index page.