Wind-Up YCH Commissions

Custom-made 3D models based on FFXIV's character minions.

What's For Sale

I have created and rigged a mesh in Blender based on the proportions of the clockwork minions that players in FFXIV can collect, which I can customize to a character of your choice (within certain restrictions listed further below.) I can then put the model in a pose of your choice and generate a turnaround like the above, as well as closer-up detail shots. For an additional charge, I can also create a small, basic animation. All stills will be delivered as 1080x1080 pngs and animations will be delivered as your choice between GIF or MP4 formats, both also 1080x1080.

What's It Cost?

Base cost is 100 USD, and an additional animation like above will cost an additional 25 USD. Payment is to be rendered through PayPal invoices. $50 will be requested when I start your commission, with the remainder invoiced before final delivery. Turnaround time between commission start and final delivery is expected to be appx. 2 weeks, and updates will be delivered frequently.

What I Can/Can't Do

The base mesh is humanoid, which limits the types of characters I can do to some degree. Here are some examples of what is or isn't doable.

-Animal Ears
-Missing limbs

-Anything muzzled enough to merit changing the head shape

What I Need From You

To reserve a slot please send me an email at At bare minimum, I'll need reference images showing the character from the front, back, and side. (If you're requesting your FFXIV character, you can include a list of your equipment and what color it's dyed, and I can get my own references for the equipment.) Please also include the email I can send the PayPal invoice to.

Slot Availability

Because of the high turnaround time on these, I'm only opening 4 slots at a time. If demand turns out to be especially high, I will prioritize people I personally know. Otherwise, these are first come, first serve.

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